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Spring Awakenings and New Beginnings

Each morning provides us with an opportunity to begin again. The brightness of Spring makes it easier to wake earlier.  Awakening with the sun rising can help us connect with the natural cycle of life. 

Believe me, I am not always a natural early riser so I know this can be challenging!  But, when I do discipline myself and create the habit of awakening earlier, I feel so much better and get much more done, with less effort. 

As each day begins to unfold in it's own unique way, we can choose our intention for the way we want to begin our day. 

This may be done through a simple morning ritual upon wakening of sitting quietly for even 5 or 10 minutes, and visualising how you would like your day to be, or what "state" you intend to be in, no matter what.  For example, you may visualise that your presentation or meeting will go well, or that you arrive calmly and in a positive state to your doctor's appointment.  This doesn't necessarily mean that everything will go exactly as you would like!  But, it will create an imprint in your mind of success and positivity, rather than fear and stress. 

Doing this in the quiet of the early morning, before you get caught up with your day, can set you up for success.  That may simply mean to be kind to yourself during this day.  

There are many ways to create a morning ritual.  Maybe it's getting out for a walk with the dog.  The important thing is to be fully present, rather than already jumping ahead to your do-to-list or your worries. So, while walking, try setting your intention, or try staying really connected to the environment, and yourself - the nature, the scents, the noises, the temperature, your breathing.  

Make your morning ritual a vital part of your day, and see if you notice any difference in how you feel, no matter how the day unfolds.

May is also a significant time in the Celtic calendar.  Bealtaine is the ancient Celtic festival, celebrating the end of the dark Winter, and the movement into Spring - or the light. The word Bealtaine originates from the old Irish word "bright fire".  The festival was marked all over Ireland, with fires and rituals celebrating the beginning of the bright part of the year.  

While these ancient celebrations and rituals may be forgotten in our modern world, we can honour this important transition into the light in our own way.  By simply paying attention to the changes in nature, the abundance around us, the sharpness of the light and through the enjoyment of the rays of the sun on our face. We may also feel some subtle changes in how we feel - physically as well as mentally. It's generally a time of greater optimism and lighter energy. It's a natural time of awakening, renewal and new beginnings. 

About Kerry White

Kerry is a Health & Wellbeing Facilitator, Speaker, Holistic Coach, Yoga Teacher & Shiatsu Therapist and founder of Kerry Wellbeing.

Kerry worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva for many years. She specialises in workplace sessions to help people feel as well as possible, physically & mentally. Through practical and collaborative sessions, Kerry equips people in the workplace with effective tools and insights to help them deal positively with everyday stress, challenges and common health and well-being complaints (including backache, headaches, fatigue and anxiety).

Kerry has brought her unique health & wellbeing sessions to numerous top corporates and organisations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). Because she has spent many years working in pressured office-based roles, Kerry understands the challenges many people experience, both physically and mentally.

For more information on Kerry’s sessions, please get in touch or visit:

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