Personal Wellbeing

Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth

I'm passionate about inspiring and supporting people to feel well, based upon 4 pillars - physical, mental, social & spiritual health. 

I design and deliver insightful, motivational and practical talks, workshops, yoga classes, and group, as well as individual, coaching sessions.  My unique approach blends my skills and expertise in the holistic practices of Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Shiatsu and Yoga.  All sessions are available online.


Nurture your body, mind and spirit in the comfort, and safety of your own home with Kerry’s on-line classes.  Choose from our regular classes or our special 5 elements programs.


Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork/massage therapy which has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Shiatsu is a very hands on therapy so I am not in a position to offer this service one to one at the moment but I continue to include elements in my online training.


I love the opportunity to meet my clients in person while running interactive, engaging and deeply restorative wellness events. 


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Life Coaching

I help women re-connect with their inner wisdom with clarity, courage and confidence.  We all have a unique inner compass, I love helping women discover and trust their intuition to make better decisions.