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Personal Wellbeing

Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth

Whether you embark on some Life Coaching sessions with me, join me for Yoga classes, or relax on a retreat, your overall wellbeing is always my priority. 

Life Coaching

I help women re-connect with their inner wisdom with clarity, courage and confidence. 


We all have a unique inner compass, I love helping women discover and trust their intuition to make better decisions.


Kerry's Yoga classes offer something truly unique - a touch of Shiatsu, and the ancient wisdom of the 5 Element system. They are a treat for body, mind and spirit. 


Classes take place in a beautiful studio in Co Wicklow. You can also join online from the comfort of your own home.  


Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork/massage therapy which has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  


I love the opportunity to meet my clients in person while running interactive, engaging and deeply restorative wellness events. 


Please sign-up to my newsletter to be notified of future event announcements once is it safe for us all to gather together again.

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