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Motherhood Clarity Coaching

What is Motherhood Clarity Coaching?

Motherhood Clarity Coaching Kerry White.

Motherhood Clarity Coaching is for any woman who is considering taking an alternative path to motherhood.

You may be well into your 40s, you may be single, or you may be in a partnership but it has not happened naturally.  You know you have options, but they are daunting.  Or, you may not be sure whether or not motherhood is for you, but want to get clarity before you make a decision either way, and get on with your life. 


You are probably in a place where you never imagined you would be.  Motherhood is something that we often presume will just happen.  It seems to be the most natural thing in the world, yet for many, it’s just not that simple. 

It can be a very confusing, disappointing, sad, stressful and lonely place to be.  I know because I have been there. 


My Mission

My mission is to help you find the CLARITY and COURAGE that you need to move forward, with CONFIDENCE.  This may be to simply explore your own feelings, enabling you to move forward without pursuing motherhood.  Or, you may already have made the big decision to pursue your dream, which looks very different to how you always imagined.

I can support, and accompany you, wherever you are on your unique journey so you can focus on what is most important.

Whatever you need most, I can relieve some of your burden, enabling you to navigate with more ease, the challenging, uncertain path towards realising your most important dream. 

Taking care of you, while you navigate your way

Our Motherhood Clarity Coaching sessions will also include mind/body practices, to help support you on a deeper level, and perhaps manage the roller-coaster of emotions.  These include accessible yoga & breathing techniques, meditation and self-shiatsu (acupressure) techniques.  The techniques used are extremely effective in helping to manage your stress levels.  


This is vital because stress has a severely negative impact on your body and mind over time.  Your chances of achieving a successful pregnancy will be greatly improved if you are able to positively manage your stress and anxiety levels at this key time.  I can help you achieve a calm and balanced inner state, which is what you need to give yourself the best possible opportunity of success.

The Motherhood Clarity Coaching process will connect your body, mind & spirit, to help you  make decisions with greater clarity, ease and peace .


My Journey to Motherhood 

My dream of motherhood came true at the age of 49.  I gave birth to my healthy, beautiful baby girl, Freya, in January 2020. 


I took an alternative path to make my most important dream a reality.  I became pregnant with the help of two donors, in a process called embryo adoption (or donation). 


It is not an easy path, and can be overwhelming, lonely and stressful at times.  But personally, not nearly as challenging as the years in my late 30’s and 40s that I spent waiting and hoping that my stars would align and I would become a mother the conventional way.  This long period was full of confusion, disappointment, stress, isolation and sadness.  


I have experienced many of your own doubts, fears, and isolation.  I understand many of the challenges and emotions that you are experiencing.  This is why I am passionate about helping any woman who longs to be a mother, and is considering an alternative path to get there.    

Professionally, I’m a Life Coach, a Wellbeing Facilitator and Speaker, Holistic Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Using my toolbox of skills and experience, I would love to support you on your path, at whatever stage you are. 

My Story

"Kerry is a great inspiration to me"

“Kerry is a great inspiration to me in having the courage and clarity herself - after years of soul searching - to boldly go down the road of following her dream and becoming a mother, on her own and at a later stage in life. She is an amazing listener, compassionate, empathetic and has been an enormous support in my journey. She speaks about her experience when asked but let me get the clarity I was seeking. She did this by guiding me to go inside and ask myself the questions I needed to ask myself, to know how strong my desire was to become a mother and to have the strength to do it. Just looking at her strength, happiness and gorgeous little girl, Freya, gives me the courage to go for my dream as well: to have and hold a healthy baby!” 

Anna, Geneva

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