Workplace Wellness

Work your way well

Your workforce is becoming increasingly more health conscious.

However, long working hours, tricky working environments and constant multi-tasking are making it more difficult for them to find the time to act on wellness in their daily lives. 

Your employees are your greatest differentiator.

And now you have a real opportunity to meet the needs of your most valued commodity by promoting wellbeing as a key factor in your company's culture. 

Company culture is more than just the personality of a company - it defines the environment in which the team works and will help address issues such as presenteeism and absenteeism, which not only build a negative environment but in the long run, affect your bottom line.  

Wellness is no longer a nice to have - it's a must-have.


Build a Wellness Culture

A culture of wellness actually helps combat these costs and helps drive business results by creating an engaged workforce.

Engaged teams have been shown to outperform competitors in categories such as productivity, profit, and employee retention. Not to mention creating an aspirational environment that future

employees want to work in.


Championing Workplace Wellness

Having held different fast-paced international corporate and UN roles for over 20 years, I understand the challenges many people experience, both physically and mentally.

At the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, I became the organisation’s first “holistic” therapist - helping public health professionals suffering from high stress-levels due to constant travel and frequently working in challenging and stressful environments.

The results of my Ki-atsu Yoga (combination Shiatsu & Yoga) lunchtime sessions were remarkable.  Participants expressed a greater ability to manage their stress, reduced back problems, headaches and other complaints.  As a result of the positive impact of my early sessions,  I went on to design a broader range of workplace health and wellbeing sessions and talks.

A healthy workforce is a happy and more productive asset to your company and the broader society.

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"Kerry is a skilled and experienced facilitator"

World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva

Work With Kerry

Kerry has brought her unique sessions to over 150 top corporates and organisations, including WHO.  Because she has spent many years working in pressured, office-based roles, Kerry understands the challenges many people experience, both physically and mentally.  Her unique combination of skills, experience and interest in peoples’ general wellbeing, is ideally suited to helping individuals feel well, both in and out of the workplace.

Contact Kerry for your fully customised program to bring measurable results to your company or team.


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