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Life Coaching

Helping You - Help Yourself

Humans are naturally incredibly wise, with an innate sense of inner wisdom and intuition.   It’s widely believed that women are particularly endowed with this sense of deep inner knowing and sharp intuition. 

But for many reasons, including stress, overwhelm, hormonal changes, lack of confidence, illness, and lifestyle habits, we can become disconnected from ourselves, and our deep intuition. 

At times like these, we can feel stuck.  We may feel flat, stagnant and lacking in motivation. Feeling exhausted, low and even depressed, becomes an almost normal state.  Life can feel meaningless. 

We may even know that change is needed, but the thought of making a change fills us with apprehension, doubt and fear. Yet the cost of inaction, of remaining stuck, is ultimately much higher than making a change. 

I know how it feels to be stuck – I’ve been there.  I know how it feels to be held back by fear.  I know how difficult it can be to take that first step, towards a dream or an important goal.

It is possible, with the right support, to connect to that deep sense of inner wisdom and trust ourselves. 

We have all the answers inside ourselves. 


Why is change so difficult?

As humans, we generally resist change.  Staying “safe”, doing as we have always done, can feel like the better, more rational decision. 


Making any kind of change – whether it’s managing our stress levels, or leaving a job, or starting dating again for the first time in 30 years, or whatever, is scary. 

Change is the unknown, and the unknown can be frightening.

But if we don’t change, we become stagnant, lacking in vitality.  As we age, change often becomes more difficult.   

The good news is that we are also naturally resilient, and adaptable.  We are not supposed to live a stagnant, unchanging life. 


To feel alive, we need to get out of our comfort zone!

The time will never be perfect

There is never a perfect time to make changes.  There will always be something to get in our way, to prolong procrastination and indecision.  But as I have learned, taking consistent, small steps - even when there’s fear - is the only way to move forward, to grow. I have made decisions that instill fear and doubt, yet doing nothing has caused depression and stagnation. 

To make decisions around positive change, I believe that we need to connect with three qualities, that are naturally abundant within ourselves:


what do you really want out of life? How do you want to feel? What is possible?


needed in healthy doses to make any change. Get in touch with your inner warrior!


get ready to feel empowered and excited about your path!  Shine your light big and bright! 

"focus on trusting myself and my intuition"

“I found working with Kerry a very positive and inspiring experience. Kerry helped me to look deep within myself and clarify the kind of person I am and how I want to live my life, despite external forces or influences that tend to push me in certain directions. Kerry gave me the confidence to push forward with my goals and aspirations, both professionally, working as a self-employed physiotherapist, and personally, with the kind of beach lifestyle that I love, and helped me look at ways of obtaining a good balance in all areas of my life. Kerry encouraged me not to compromise on my dreams and to focus on trusting myself and my intuition. I would highly recommend Kerry as a Life Coach. Kerry helped me to look at the bigger picture outside the boxes I created for myself and to move forward with my life the way I want to live it.” 

Niamh, Self Employed Physiotherapist

Helping you make changes with CLARITY, COURAGE and CONFIDENCE

I can help you create and navigate change, with courage and optimism.  As an accredited Life and Executive Coach, I will explore with you where you would like to go, and how you will get there.  I will help you identify and set realistic goals, and support you during the process.  I will positively challenge you. I will help you dig deep to find the clarity, courage, and confidence, that is already there, to help you achieve your dream, or to create positive change. 

Ultimately, I will support you in your journey of transformation, towards greater meaning in your life, and wellbeing. 


You can ignite your spark and zest for life again.  Because you deserve a wonderful life full of purpose and vitality.

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