About Kerry

Hi, I'm Kerry

I'm passionate about inspiring and supporting people to feel well, based upon 4 pillars - physical, mental, social & spiritual health. 

I design and deliver insightful, inspirational, and practical talks, workshops, yoga classes, and group, as well as individual, coaching sessions.  All sessions, including Yoga, are available online. My unique approach blends my skills and expertise in the holistic practices of Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Shiatsu and Yoga.  All of my workplace sessions, are now available online.

Whether you're an employer or an individual, I'd love to work with you. 

My Story

Like most people, I know what it feels like to be stressed. Or very busy, tired or just not feeling 100%.  I also know what backache is like, from many years spent sitting working at a desk (as well as from a few injuries acquired from falls while skiing, horseriding and biking!).  In January 2020, I became a first-time Mum to a baby girl. My Yoga and other holistic practices and lifestyle are key in supporting my physical, emotional and mental health during this amazing, but tiring, transition. 

I knew that I always wanted to help others as a profession, but instead of following a calling to the health & medical field, I chose to study French & Marketing.  This led me to Paris for a few years where I was quickly immersed in a high-pressured corporate environment working in a large international law firm. 

My keen desire to work in the area of health eventually drew me to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva.  During the 9 years that I spent here,  I had the privilege to work on many different global public health projects including HIV/Aids, health in emergency situations, women’s health and malaria research.  I enjoyed the often highly-pressured environment, along with the many enriching and sometimes challenging aspects of working in this large, multicultural, UN global organisation.  

Becoming A Holistic Health Practitioner

My interest in holistic health and the body/mind link deepened with my Shiatsu studies  – also, my desire to work more with people in a hands-on way increased with time.  While still working at WHO, I became its first “holistic” therapist where I gave regular Shiatsu sessions to staff – often public health professionals suffering from high stress-levels, perhaps due to to constant travel and frequently working in challenging and stressful environments. Having a special interest in how stress affects people, I did my “memoire”, or thesis on "Stress in the UN Workplace". 

A few years later, I took a sabatical in India to complete my first level Yoga Teaching qualification. When I returned to WHO, it was here that I began teaching Yoga to staff at lunchtime and after work.  It was a natural progression to introduce elements of Shiatsu into the Yoga classes. Yoga with the healing touch of Shiatsu - or Ki-atsu Yoga - was born!

Since I left WHO in 2010, I have worked in a medical device incubator and in a training and HR company.  In 2015 I decided to follow my dream of doing more of what I do best - helping people to feel healthier, happier and more resilient in their everyday lives. As well being a qualified and certified Shiatsu Therapist and Yoga teacher to the advanced level, I have more recently achieved a professional Diploma as an Executive and Life Coach.    

I've now turned a long-held dream into my work.  I bring the mind/body practices of Yoga and Shiatsu to many different people, mainly in the corporate and health sectors. My sessions are suitable for any corporate environment.  The practical exercises are designed for desk workers.  I share practical tips and insights to inspire people to help themselves.  I also share effective stress-reducing breathing techniques, simple mindfulness practices and insights into stress.  

I work with Ireland's top health insurance company, Vhi, designing and delivering Health & Well-Being sessions & talks for their many corporate clients. My work is relevant for every industry, wherever there are people. I work with many different sectors including pharma and medtech, hospitals & clinics, aircraft leasing, finance, technology and UN.


Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy (ISS, Geneva)

Diploma in Yoga Teaching (advanced level) (Yoga Alliance, NRYS-700)

Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching (Positive Success Group)


"My mission is to inspire and support every person who I work with, to live as well a life as possible on every level - physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. "