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Doing Wellness Well

Hi, I'm Kerry.  

Welcome! I'm passionate about inspiring and supporting people to feel well, based upon 4 pillars - physical, mental, social & spiritual health. 

I give insightful, motivational and practical talks, workshops, classes and individual sessions. My unique approach blends my skills and expertise in the holistic practices of Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Shiatsu and Yoga.    

Whether you're an employer or an individual, I'd love to work with you. All of my classes and corporate sessions are now available online.


Read on to learn how I can help you!

Workplace Wellbeing


Work your way well with our Wellness Progammes. Delivering unique bespoke packages. 

Nurture body, mind & spirit with online Yoga classes.

A personalised coaching service to help you live a more meaningful, fulfilled and stress-free life.  

Relieve tension and backache, ease stress, restore vitality with a Shiatsu Massage or a Deep Tissue Oil Massage.

Workplace Wellbeing is no longer a nice-to-have. It' s a must have. Find out more in this short video.

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I specialise in workplace health & wellbeing talks and sessions to help people deal positively with stress and common health complaints (including backache, headaches, fatigue & anxiety). 


My sessions blend Yoga, Mindfulness, self-acupressure (Shiatsu) and Coaching techniques. Each session is packed with take-home practical tips and insights.    

They are unique, practical and accessible.  No special room, equipment, or clothes required, just a meeting room or open space!

Organisations I've worked with
What clients are saying 

World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva

"We would like to thank Kerry White for providing sessions on Resilience at WHO HQ.  The program was a hit amongst the staff in our cluster. Her sessions were very interactive and the participants enjoyed the hands-on activities (such as identifying the acupuncture points and practicing the unique relaxation exercises) immensely. Kerry has a flair for facilitation and has excellent communication and people skills. Kerry is a skilled and experienced facilitator; we look forward to working with her again." 

The Sales Institute,


"Kerry was a keynote speaker at our National Inside Sales Leader Summit in October 2018.

She ran two very interactive practical yoga sessions for us throughout the day.  Feedback from the audience was great.  Kerry has that great skill of being able to relate yoga to the workplace challenges that business leaders have.  We highly recommend Kerry for your corporate events and we look forward to working with Kerry again in the near future."

The Asset Management Exhange, Cork/London

"Kerry joined our intensive annual team offsite and was a breath of fresh air. Health and wellbeing is a serious topic in a high-pressure industry such as ours, and Kerry hit the right notes in terms of getting the entire team of 75 people to literally take a breath, and focus on themselves and how they were feeling.  It was clear that some examples of stress and the impact this can have on your daily life that Kerry used, resonated deeply with some colleagues ... "

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