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World Health Day 2017 - Depression: Let's Talk

Today (7th April) is the WHO-led World Health Day. The global health experts are making Depression it’s focus this year.

Depression rates are rising around the world, creating a massive public health burden.

What are some of the key messages communicated today from WHO on the launch of its campaign “Depression: Let’s Talk”?

  • Talk about it. Seek and get support. Talk to somebody you trust.

  • Treat your mental health as you would your physical health. You would go to the doctor with a physical health issue – also seek expert help for your mental health.

  • Don’t ignore your symptoms. Depression is not the same as feeling a bit down or sad from time to time. It’s more persistent (generally lasting over 2 weeks) and can affect all aspects of life, including work, relationships, appetite and sleep.

  • Anxiety and depression can be a consequence of work-related stress. The employer needs to play its part in helping its employees cope with normal work-related demands.

  • Men find it more difficult than women to talk about their feelings and difficulties. They need to be encouraged to talk when they’re experiencing symptoms of depression.

  • Depression is generally treatable. There are many different treatments available.

Mindset plays a key role in positive mental health.

So how can we learn to adopt a more positive state of mind?  How can we train our mind to be more resilient, better able to cope with the difficulties that life will inevitably throw at us?

In my corporate health & well-being session “The 5 Steps to Happiness”, discover some key ways that we can improve our mental health and our happiness levels.

Health & Well-being talks and sessions are ever-more present in companies in Ireland. Successful companies know that it pays to support the physical and mental health of its people.

Take WHO’s advice – get the conversation going at your workplace!

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