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My amazing Sunday

I had an amazing Sunday, and I wanted to share it with you.

One of my intentions these days is to have more fun. Another is to connect with more like-minded people.  

As many of you know, I love dancing. Apart from my Yoga Dance (usually confined these days to my living room!), and the very odd tango dance, dancing is a rare thing these days. I have missed it, and especially dancing amongst people.

On Sunday, the day that I get to do something just for me, there was a  5 Rhythms dance workshop in my area. Everything alligned.  

For around 3 hours, in a big church hall with a group of 20 "strangers", we danced! The workshop was facilitated by the wonderful Sherron St Claire, who is well-known in the 5 Rhythms method. 

As we began our warm-up, to some wonderful soulful music (some you would recognise from my own Yoga/Shiatsu playlists), Sherron said that from now, the language we could speak would only be body language. No more chats! 

To dance so freely, with no distraction of speaking, was a wonderful thing. 

There was a link with the 5 Elements which of course I loved. We danced connecting with the fluidity of Water, or the passion of Fire, and we slowed down, and grounded, with Earth. 

There was another amazing element to my day. 

During the only part of the workshop which involved speaking, we got into a group of 3. One of the women in my little group looked strikingly familiar. 

Briefly. Aged 18, just after my leaving cert, I embarked on a Summer adventure to Greece. My travel companion was a girl I had only just met the previous week.

I wanted a companion to spend a working summer in either Spain or Greece. I found her ad in the Usit office in Dublin (I think I'm showing my age here!), called her, met once, and a week later we were off.

We spent a Summer living and working together in Crete. We got on great, but when we got back to our lives, we never got in touch with one another again. 

I have thought about her over the years so many times. And there she was. 36 years later. 

It was amazing, to connect with each other again. We had time at the end to speak. It was a little overwhelming and emotional too. 

Fun. Connection - on a few different levels were central to my Sunday. 

So that was my amazing Sunday. 

Isn't it magic, that when we set conscious intentions, and take action, that things happen.

I will leave you with two questions. 

What intention could be calling you these days? 

What small action could you take towards your intention?   

Maybe see you at the next 5 Rythms Dance session!


PS Next Yoga | Shiatsu event coming soon!

Ease Backache, Relieve Stress

When? Sunday, 28th April

Time? 10 am to 12:45 pm

Where? The Blue Zone, Greystones, Co Wicklow

Join Kerry for a morning of discovery, inspiration and relaxation.  The opportunity to renew, restore and relax, in the lovely and bright studio "The Blue Zone", in Greystones, Co Wicklow. 

Discover the benefits of both mind/body techniques of therapeutic Yoga and Shiatsu, with a focus on easing backache, and relieving stress.

More details and bookings, click here.


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