Welcoming Samhain: accepting the darkness as well as the light

Samhain is upon us.

In ancient times, Samhain was the festival that celebrated the end of the Celtic year, and the beginning of a new year. It can also be thought of as a New Year's celebration. It acknowledged the time of year when the harvest was over, nature was starting to decline, and hibernate. Samhain also marks the beginning of the dark season.

The themes of death and darkness were dominant.

So how can we be inspired by Samhain today? What significance may it have in our lives today?

I've summarised what I believe are the 5 main takeaways of Samhain, and how it is relevant to our lives today.

  • Darkness is as natural, and as necessary, as light. Likewise, the dark aspects of ourselves - sometimes referred to as our shadow side - are as necessary as our bright, "sunny" side. This part of ourselves is the one which can be our teacher, and our guide. Although it is often very challenging to accept our shadow side, with awareness, and openness, we can learn to treat it with acceptance and compassion. This is where we have the opportunity to grow, and to sometimes make changes that are more aligned with our true self.

  • Samhain can