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New Year, Braver You?

Like you no doubt, I've heard lots of talk about New Year's resolutions, and I've been asked that question, "What's your New Year resolution?"  Well, I have never made a New Year resolution in fact. I find them so daunting! 

But, what I do find more inspiring, and less hard work, is to think about the result of making some positive change. For example, if I want to get in better shape, I think about how I will feel more confident, and energetic, and maybe fit into that dress again! And importantly, I take some small but consistent steps towards that new habit, or towards that personal goal.


Making any kind of meaningful change, or reaching any personal goal, takes courage. So, if you have a desire to create change in your life, could you view it as an exciting and courageous adventure? How can you move towards being braver? Whether that means taking a first step towards feeling healthier, or being more fulfilled in your work, or going on that big trip you've been dreaming of - what one action can you take now to get closer to that goal? 

Instead of New Year, New You, try thinking about New Year, Braver You. Because change requires courage, and courage builds growth, resilience and success. Go on, take that first step today!

I wish you courage, adventure and fulfillment for the year ahead and towards your own version of success.

Article by Kerry White

Kerry is a Workplace Health & Wellbeing Facilitator, Speaker, Yoga Teacher & Shiatsu Therapist and the founder of Kerry Wellbeing. Her popular workplace sessions equip people with practical tools to help them deal more positively with stress and common complaints such as backache, fatigue and anxiety.

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