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Navigating Change

Change is the only constant in life.  We all know this, but it doesn't necessarily make transitions easy.

But change is vital. It makes way for growth and new life.  Like stagnant water is unhealthy, we too can become unhealthy if we don't keep moving - literally and energetically!   

Often changing our perspective about change can make it a bit easier to accept. Knowing that there may well be some pain or resistance during the initial stages of change can help us accept it. 

There's a few things to keep in mind that can help you move through change with more ease.  

  • Be kind to yourself, know that it will get easier with time.

  • Seek out people who lift you up and support you, rather than people who drain your energy.

  • Write down your thoughts as you navigate through the choppy water - getting your "negative" thoughts out of your head and onto paper can be very healing.

  • Focus on the positive moments in your day, even though you may find it hard - it could be that an old friend got in touch or that you are feeling well physically. 

  • Give yourself extra self-care at this time. What makes you feel nourished physically, mentally and emotionally? This includes sleep & exercise.  

  • Get out of your comfort zone, in a way you feel safe - you may join a book club, or talk to somebody new or even take a new route to work! This will help boost your confidence and your mood. You may connect with some new people to help open your perspective and improve your social life too!  

Change often signifies the end of something and endings are rarely easy.  But with endings, we have new beginnings.

What new beginning can you start to look forward to today?

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