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Finding strength through transitions

Life is full of transitions.  We can see this so clearly in our outside environment through the seasons. Morning to evening. Light to dark. Our own lives are also going through constant transitions as we grow and have more life experiences. 

Transitions often come about through a change in circumstances, or through loss of some kind.  Although we know that the only constant in life is change, often there's pain and resistance that comes with any transition.

So what can we do handle our transitions like a warrior?  How can we even grow stronger and more resilient as a result of our challenges?

  • Acknowledge that something has ended Allow yourself to feel the loss of what has ended. Know that the feeling of being on shaky ground is normal, and know that this will pass. Try visualising yourself crossing a bridge. You may feel scared and sad leaving the place you know.  It may feel wobbly and you feel unsafe. You're not sure yet what's on the other side, but you know you will be safe and there will be great adventures yet to unfold. 

  • Seek support and connect  Find support in people and communities. Connect with others who have experienced a similar transition and come out the other side thriving!  You need a community of supporters now.  Whether it's through business or support networks, through on-line communities or finding a supportive coach or psychotherapist who can help you navigate your transition. Connection helps us to release the chemical oxytocin, which reduces feelings of depression and anxiety and boosts our mood. If we are not connecting (animals can work too!), we're more likely to feel low and depressed. There's so much evidence out there now to show how we need people to thrive!   

  • Focus on new phase With any ending, comes a new beginning.  Now is the time to focus on how you would like your new phase to look.  What intention can you set to sow the seed for growth?  What small action can you take to get closer to manifesting this? Maybe it's simply making an enquiry phone call, or looking at interesting travel destinations, or taking a night class.  Make time to meditate, to visualise, to imagine, to be creative, to write down thoughts. You are planting the seeds of growth and new adventures. 

  • Get moving Movement can literally change how we feel.  Make time for at least 30 minutes of moderate movement/exercise each day.  It may be from your Yoga class! Because Yoga includes breathing exercises, it's also beneficial for restoring balance to your nervous system, helping to regulate all the systems of the body.

  • Be kind to yourself Be your own cheerleader. Now is the time to listen to what you need. Say no.  Do what feels best for you now.  Nourish yourself in every way.  Build yourself up with healthy and nourishing food and lifestyle choices. Make that lunch date with an old friend. Last but definitely not least, try and laugh at least once a day. Talk to a friend who you know will always make you laugh, watch your favourite comedy or play with a child!     Wishing you strength, courage and optimism as you move through your transition to a bright and fulfilling future! Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new beginning.”  - Teresa Tsalaky

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