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Celtic Wisdom and New Beginnings

Today, 1st February, is the beginning of Spring according to the traditional Celtic calendar. Also known as Imbolc.

You may feel the new light slowly emerging. Not only can it be felt in the stretch of the daylight, but also all around in nature.

There is a definite sense of an awakening happening. An awakening of energy, of vitality, of life force.


During Imbolc - associated with St Bridget - we can begin to connect with our deepest longings, our desires that may have been dormant.

We may start to feel a kind of awakening, literally in our belly. It's no wonder that Imbolc means "in the belly".

Imbolc is associated with new beginnings. A new beginning often means that something first has to end, or die.

This may be an old way of thinking, a belief that no longer serves you. It may be an old habit. A relationship. A job.

According to the wisdom of this ancient calendar, this shedding may have begun around the preceding "darker" times of Samhain and the Winter Solstice.

Listen to the stirrings in your belly. What new beginning wants to emerge from you?

It cannot be forced. Be attentive and notice when you feel any signs of the gentle emergence of new possibilities.

Indeed, the belly is where life itself begins.

It's also where we feel so many emotions, before they're felt elsewhere. Excitement, fear, worry, peace, may often be felt deep in the belly.

It's where our deepest intuition and wisdom is felt - our "gut" feeling.

What can you awaken to this Imbolc? What is your deepest wisdom telling you?

We often resist these feelings, these signals. Instead, can you be curious, giving them a little more attention?

A few questions you may intentionally ask yourself now.

* What area of my life needs more clarity right now?

* What "life" wants to be created from me? (While this could mean for you the beginning of a baby, this could also be a new project, a plan, or a new way of being).

* What are my deepest desires?

* What one step can I take today, to begin manifesting?

Imbolc brings with it new life. Fertility. Creativity. Growth. Hope.

What new beginnings are you going to put your energy into this Spring?

May you take a step closer towards realising your own light. Your deepest desires.


Article by Kerry White

Kerry White is a Motherhood Clarity Coach, helping women who are contemplating pursuing a non-conventional path to motherhood.

She is also an established Workplace Wellbeing Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Shiatsu Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Kerry is especially passionate about supporting women feel well on every level - physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Read more about Kerry here.

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