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Yoga Dance

Movement   Fun  Connection

Thursday evening classes in Ashford, Wicklow 

6:30 to 7:30 pm

Ashford, Co Wicklow



The story of Yoga Dance



Do you ever notice how a good boogie can lift your mood and get you to a happier state fast?  

I love to dance! It just makes me feel great.  I also love Yoga, and how it makes me feel.

  I have always enjoyed a good boogie on the dance floor, but those nights out became less frequent over the years.  When I was in my mid-30s, on a trip to Guatemala, I discovered the magic of salsa.  Something inside of me lit up!  Upon my return home to Geneva, I signed-up for classes. I was often found in a local latino club on a Thursday night.  Those days (and nights) were such fun, and, my waistline never looked better!

The following year, I went with a girlfriend to Cuba. The aim was to dance as much as possible. It was amazing. Dancing salsa, mainly outdoors on old cobbled squares, to live Cuban bands. I even returned to Cuba a few years later, to get an intense fix of the magic!  

Then I somehow discovered Tango. A completely different dance to salsa, and equally addictive.

Although many years have now passed since my first tentative dance classes, I still feel like a beginner. My dancing is now mainly confined to my kitchen! I dance on my own, and often with my daughter in my arms. Whatever my mood, it makes me feel happy.  

I simply put on my favourite music, and I get moving. I weave in some Yoga moves. It's completely free and intuitive. 

I feel different after just a few minutes of dancing. It makes me feel more clear headed, more focused.  It always lifts my mood, especially on the harder days when I'm anxious, overwhelmed, or unmotivated. Physically, I always feel so much better.  

What I do miss is dancing with others.  Salsa and Tango are exciting and beautiful dances with a partner. Yet nothing makes me happier than having a good boogie with my girlfriends! 


  The combination of Yoga and Dance seems to me so natural. It is transformative and fun. Humans are meant to move. I even believe that we are born to dance!   

I have wanted to share this feel-good effect with others for quite some time.

So I have created Yoga Dance. It is a blend of uncomplicated dance moves with complementary Yoga poses. It will improve your mood, energy, fitness, flexibility, and release stress. 

The first launch of Yoga Dance was in March 2019, around Women's Day. It got great feedback and I was excited to get some regular classes going. 


Then, soon after, much to my joy, I was pregnant. My Yoga Dance has since been confined to my kitchen.  

Now is the time to share it! I can't wait! Please join me and let's have some fun.

I think we all could do with more of that these days.



Kerry   x


The Power Of Group Healing

I love the opportunity to meet my clients in person while running interactive, engaging and deeply restorative wellness events. 


I am so excited to welcome you all to my first weekend retreat since the pandemic.  We all need some time back in nature, reconnecting with each other and with ourselves and my signature 3 Day Restore & Reset Yoga Weekend in beautiful Co. Kerry is the perfect event to start with.

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