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Yoga & the 5 Elements: a Womans' Guide

A healing, practical blend of hatha Yoga and 5 Element theory (TCM).

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A healing, practical blend of Yoga, the 5 Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Shiatsu. Shiatsu has its roots here, as well as acupuncture. As women, our health & wellbeing is under many different influences, including our hormones, our emotions, our environment and even the moon. Learning to work with our natural energy, and to understand more about how certain conditions can support us, and how others can have a negative impact on how we feel, is vital learning for any woman who wants to feel her best, physically, mentally and spiritually, at any time in her life. We can be guided by the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the Chakra system, and the 5 Elements, to help us get the best out of life on every level. I will guide you gently, drawing upon my training and many years experience as a Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, to support and inspire you to make practical, accessible changes, so that you may experience a healthier and more balanced life. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? - An understanding of how the 5-element theory can help guide you towards positive changes to improve your overall health & wellbeing. - Insights into the vital role that hormones can have on our health & wellbeing, and ways to balance our hormones at different key times of our lives. -Accessible Yoga poses that work on re-balancing the flow of "chi" - or vital energy - throughout specific meridians (or energetic pathways). - Dietary insights and tips, to balance hormones and support the different "elements". - Self-acupressure points to ease common health & wellbeing complaints, including anxiety, fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, low mood and sleep issues. - A new way to consider your own health & wellbeing, through a holistic lens. Following each session, you will receive a summary. This course will be an opportunity to take time out to take care of yourself, to restore & replenish your energy, to relax your body & mind, and to open you up to a new perspective. My hope is that you will feel better not only in your physical & mental body, but also that your soul will be awakened, so that you can connect more deeply with yourself, and your own unique needs, at whatever stage of life you are. Suitable for every woman who would like feel better on every level.

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