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 Connect with the Heart:
Fire Element

             Sunday, 30th June, 10 am to 1 pm
                          Greystones, Co Wicklow



 A "mini-retreat" for body, mind & spirit

Join Kerry for a morning of discovery, inspiration and relaxation.  The opportunity to renew, restore and relax, in the lovely and bright studio "The Blue Zone", in Greystones, Co Wicklow. 


A unique blend of therapeutic Yoga, Shiatsu techniques and re-balancing yogic breathing practices, this session is designed to leave you feeling nourished,  more grounded, soothed, and more connected with your deepest inner knowing.  

A little more about Shiatsu and the Heart

Shiatsu has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It's similar to acupuncture (without the needles!) – instead different hands-on techniques are used to ease tension and to correct the flow of energy (ki) through the body's invisible pathways (meridians)

According to the ancient wisdom of TCM, the heart energy is the Fire element.
This energy is associated with feelings of self-love, capacity for kindness, compassion,
openness – it is also related to our capacity to express ourselves (to speak “from the heart”).

In both philosophies of TCM and the Chakra system of Yoga, the Heart is considered the centre of all our experiences – our “true self”.

When we are able to "follow our Heart", we are connected to our deepest intuition.


With this focus at the centre of this session, we will work on integrating our "heart" into our physical practice, through working on specific energetic pathways in the body. 

You will also gain insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and learn acupressure points and Shiatsu techniques to ease complaints relating (such as headaches, sleep issues, backache). 


What will you gain?


  • Accessible Yoga poses, with a therapeutic focus, that will work on re-balancing the flow of "chi" - or vital energy - throughout specific meridians (or energetic pathways). 

  • Shiatsu self-acupressure points to help some common health complaints (ie. backpain, fatigue, anxiety and digestive system complaints).


  • Take-home simple but effective Shiatsu techniques to help family/friends/children feel better.

  • Insights and practical health & well-being tips based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

  • Short meditation techniques to bring greater ease to body & mind.

  • Yogic breathing practices to relieve stress and re-balance.

  • An understanding of how the 5-element system can help guide you to make positive changes to improve your overall health & wellbeing.

  • Supportive and friendly environment. 

Suitable for all, including those new to Yoga and/or Shiatsu.


Discover the benefits of both mind/body techniques of therapeutic Yoga and Shiatsu, in an accessible, practical, and enjoyable way.


Places are limited.




Scroll down for booking link. 

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"I felt very supported and relaxed by Kerry’s overall approach. She is very friendly, warm, welcoming. I find her very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She has natural ability to connect mind, body and
soul. Her workshops are healing and therapeutic. Kerry is an excellent teacher and guide to yoga
and shiatsu. She always makes sure that she fully explains each move and ensures that there is
no pressure to go beyond what each individual feel comfortable with. I highly recommend Kerry’s sessions".

What To Expect


This will be a morning dedicated to the most important person in your life - YOU!


It will be a blend of the practices of (Hatha) Yoga, Shiatsu, yogic breathing techniques and meditation.


It is a morning aimed to deeply nourish yourself, and my aim is for you to leave feeling better in your physical body, but also emotionally and mentally. You will have the opportunity to release stress, activating the "rest and digest" branch of your nervous system. This is where healing, rest and renewal happens. 

"I really enjoyed this yoga / shiatsu workshop – I felt rejuvinated, calm and refreshed
following the two and a half hours – its a wonderful way to really explore the benefits of yoga."  

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Join "Connect with the Heart" 

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